Minted Friday February 11, 2022 @ 4:00 PM EST

What are PixelDucks?

PD’s are a collection of 777 PixelDuck NFTs – unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Made for the MetaVerse:

    Unlike most NFTs in the current space, PixelDucks are not just still images, they are fully rendered 3D models. This ensures that owning at least one PixelDuck will grant you permissions to utilize your unique PD in exclusive events within The Sandbox ecosystem.

  • The Egg Dividend:

    We’ll be leaving 5% of all PixelDuck royalties in the PixelDucks community wallet to fund the liquidity pool for our utility token, $VOXL. Once the liquidity pool reaches our launch requirement, we’ll launch staking for all PixelDuck holders. This token will be used in future PixelDucks projects and purchase different items within our space in the metaverse. While The Sandbox has its utility token, our token allows us to expand throughout multiple metaverse platforms and projects, unifying all aspects of our ecosystem together.

  • Minimal Gas Fees Upon Mint:

    In order to benefit the community, we will be developing a unique version of the ERC1155 contract in order to keep Ethereum gas fees to a minimum. This is something that we find very important, as no purchaser of any NFT should ever have to pay three figures in gas fees.

  • Fully Animated Upon Mint:

    Each unique PixelDuck NFT will not be constrained by the limits of a 2D image, rather free to swim throughout the metaverse. In other words, the community will have access to a 3D animation of their unique PixelDuck upon mint.


Rarity Tiers:

We have designed the rarity allocation to favor those who minted as there is an aggregated 60% chance that you receive a rare duck or higher.


Phase 1
"The Big Hatch"
Phase 2
"Spreading Our Wings"
Phase 3
"The New Duck Order"
Phase 4
"The VoxlVerse"

Season Map:

Season 1

Creation Of The VoxlVerse
The creation of our own metaverse within The Sandbox platform exclusive to PixelDuck holders.

Season 2

PixelDucks Tokenomic System Developed and Integrated
The addition of a shop in our metaverse where PixelDuck holders are able to purchase different items, abilities and accessories.

Season 3

VoxlVerse Universe Expands
The VoxlVerse will expand to more platforms beyond The Sandbox introducing new visitors along the way.

Season 4

PixelDucks Utility Expansion
As we partner with other Web 3.0 platforms, PixelDucks utility will continue to expand.


  • Chief Officers
  • Managers
  • Developers


PDs are a collection of 777 PixelDuck NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike most NFTs, PixelDucks are fully rendered and animated 3D models designed for metaverse implementation. Simply holding one PixelDuck can yield passive income through what is called the “Egg Dividend.”

PixelDucks were available for purchase on our mint date at https://pixelducksnft.com/mint.

You will be able to mint a max of 7 PDs per wallet.

An Egg Dividend is a passive source of income derived from royalties that are generated from the buying and selling of PixelDucks on OpenSea. The Egg Dividend will be distributed monthly. Your monthly dividend will be dependent on the rarity of your PD.

You will need to stake at least one PD in your MetaMask wallet to be eligible to receive egg dividends.

Yes, our roadmap is posted in the "🗺|roadmap" channel on our discord and is listed above on this site.

The VoxlVerse will be our portion of the metaverse that serves as a social hub not only for holders of PixelDucks, but holders of all future VoxlVerse projects. Creation will start within The Sandbox ecosystem, but the VoxlVerse will expand to multiple metaverse ecosystems. As each of these platforms evolve and grow, so will the VoxlVerse. Beyond socialization based events, these hubs will also house various games and activities for all holders to participate in.

The PixelDucks launch date is Friday February 11, 2022 @ 4:00 PM EST.

See the the "📬|join-whitelist" channel on our discord for a complete guide on how to get whitelisted.